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What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates are partner individuals and companies who direct customers to try out and purchase our products in return for a percentage commission on sales originating out of these recommendations. As an affiliate, one places on one's website an advertisement leading potential customers to our website, where they can download and evaluate our products. When the customer decides to make a purchase, a cookie earlier placed into the customer's browser tells our web store operator that the sale came from an affiliate. The affiliate is then remunerated at a fixed percentage of the sale amount.

We offer a standard commission on any sales generated by affiliates (email dtirsch@dslextreme.com to learn more about the rate).  Our online web store operator, automatically measures the amount due to each affiliate and pays out the resulting commissions monthly.

How Do I Become an Affiliate?

We use the Affiliate Program operated by our online web store operator. Click Continue to enroll as an affiliate.   Help and technical instructions will be available from your Affiliate Control Panel; you will receive login instructions as soon as your application is approved.

Not a Reseller Discount Program

Please do not register as an affiliate if what you really want is to get a discount for your own purchase (e.g. as a reseller).   We will not provide support for inquiries arising from attempts to use the affiliate program for such a purpose.

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